The MyPyramid Diet Review

Posted March 26, 2012 by Lisa in Diets

The MyPyramid Diet is based on the pyramid food guide that has been taught in schools for decades. This food pyramid contains all the necessary food groups necessary for optimal health, and shows how much food from each group should be consumed each day in proper portions and balance. Nutritionists suggest that following this food pyramid guide will help people make wise food choices and live a healthy life.

The MyPyramid Diet encourages dieters to select foods from each group in proper amounts, and to ensure none of these particular food groups are eliminated. The suggested number of servings per day is outlined in order to help dieters identify how much food to eat from each group on a daily basis.


The MyPyramid diet plan is not very restrictive, as it permits the dieter to choose from a variety of foods – including carbs – to help lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Foods encouraged on this diet include:

  • Lean protein
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits Low-fat dairy products
  • Whole grains
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Non-hydrogenated oils

Specifically, at least 3 ounces of whole grains should be consumed per day. The amount of fresh fruits and veggies consumed per day depends on your body type and activity levels. A variety of vegetables can be eaten, but it is recommended to eat mostly dark green leafy veggies, as well as bright orange veggies. Fruit juices should not replace actual fresh fruit and vegetables on this diet plan considering their high sugar content.

Dairy products are highly encouraged, but they should come from low-fat sources. Proteins should be lean, and come predominantly from lean meats, fish, poultry and beans. The cooking method is also an important factor. It is recommended to bake, broil, boil, grill or steam the food, with little or no cooking oils. Frying is not recommended.


A fitness routine is highly recommended along with the MyPyramid Diet plan. At least 30 minutes per day of physical activity should be performed, at least 3 or 4 days per week. Exercises should involve aerobics, strength training, and stretching for optimal body strength and function.


The MyPyramid diet is a well balanced nutritional plan to help anyone lose weight in a healthy, safe manner. The food guidelines provided are government approved, and provide all the necessary meals and foods for proper health. There are numerous sources available on the internet that provide a multitude of information about this diet, along with a variety of tools to help track your progress.

There are diet and exercise tools available on the web that help assess the foods consumed and exercises performed to ensure that they are properly balanced for weight loss. The goal for weight loss is to expend more energy than consumed. A “MyPyramid Plan” is also available, which allows the dieters to input their gender, age, and activity level to help determine how much food from each group should be consumed on a daily basis to ensure weight loss.


Although there are numerous tools and guidelines available, the MyPyramid Diet plan does not provide specific meal plans or exercise routines. The dieter is required to gather all the information possible from the guidelines on the food pyramid to make their own informed decisions about what to eat and include in each meal.

The Bottom Line

The MyPyramid Diet has been around for years, and is based on sound nutritional factors. This is a great way to both lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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