The 5 Bite Diet- Lose 15 Pounds in ONE week!

What if you were told that you could drop 15 pounds in one week by eating almost anything you want?

You’d think it’s total craziness right?

For years we have been hearing that it is impossible to lose more than 2-3 pounds a week, how is losing 15 pounds a week even possible?


Well, according to Dr. Alvin Lewis it is totally possible and he has found the way to do it!

Dr. Alvin Lewis introduced the 5 Bite Diet on Dr. Oz Show, which aired on 4/25/2014, claiming that you can definitely lose up to 15 pounds in just one week!

Here is the link to the Dr. Oz show on which the guest Dr. Alwin Lewis introduced the new way to lose 15 pounds in one week:

So let’s take a look at what this diet is really all about!

What is the 5 Bite Diet?

Dr. Alvin Lewis designed the 5 Bite Diet through his observations on patients of gastric surgery. He noticed the 5 bites a meal program designed for gastric bypass patients was a way to implement in losing weight.

By first attempting the diet on himself and then on his overweight patients, Dr. Lewis noticed how weight loss was a success. He then created the 5 Bite Diet to help overweight people achieve their weight loss goals.

The Principles Behind The 5 Bite Diet is that:

  • It prevents the feelings of deprivation for certain foods that usually lead to cheating. Hence, making it easier to follow and stick to.
  • By skipping breakfast, Dr. Lewis believes that the body gets an extended period of fasting mode. By extending the time of the body’s fasting mode, the body consumes more abdominal fat.
  • The multivitamin per day is to ensure that the body is receiving all of the nutrition required.

The 5 Bite Diet

  • Upon waking up no food is allowed
  • Breakfast consists of black coffee and a multivitamin pill
  • There are no restriction on calorie free beverages
  • Lunch consists of 5 bites of anything
  • Dinner consists of 5 bites of anything
  • 5 Bites should consist of some protein
  • An example of a great 5 bites meal provided by Dr. Lewis is: A hamburger divided into 5 bites. A Hamburger consists of well-balanced protein and nutrients.

Even though Dr. Oz Show presented the diet, Dr. Oz did express some concerns regarding insufficient amount of calories and nutrients in this diet. However, according to Dr. Lewis, the multivitamin covers that concern. (1)

Pros of the 5 Bite Diet

  • Helps build control to portion of calorie intake
  • It works!
  • You get to eat anything
  • Easy to follow (at least short term)
  • No food restriction

Cons of the 5 Bite Diet

  • Not a sufficient diet to follow on a long term basis
  • Low energy
  • Insufficient amount of calories
  • Weight gain after crash dieting

A Better Alternative to 5 Bite Diet

Although this diet has some good points, it is not recommended! 10 bites a day is simply not enough food. A healthier and better alternative would be the Warrior Diet, consisting of fasting as well, however, you consume a decent amount of calories required to be sustain a healthy body and weight loss.

To read more about the warrior diet, click Here

Bottom Line!

  • Yes, it does work!
  • Yes, it’s another crash diet!
  • Good for quick weight loss for special events in short time period
  • Bad method for a sustainable and healthy weight loss


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