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Television’s toughest trainer, The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels, has taken her weight loss expertise online. Michaels has created a diet and exercise program for people who are serious about weight loss.

Anyone who knows about Jillian knows she doesn’t pamper her clients; she allows no excuses and expects the best. This same feeling comes across throughout this entire weight loss program. There’s a lot to absorb on the site, as this is a full-spectrum weight-loss program.

You’ll find detailed diet information and personalized daily menus, personalized exercise programs, forums for members to ask questions, a system for finding weight-loss buddies and daily personalized encouraging messages in your email inbox.


Your personalized diet will be designed around your current weight, the amount of weight you need to lose and the amount of activity you currently do. The food plan is consists of healthy ingredients without a lot of processed foods. There is a good mix of proteins, whole grains and vegetables, and snacks are built in to the system. You’ll be given a personalized menu for each day based on your food preferences, and there are a number of vegetarian and vegan options. Follow the menu as suggested or change a meal for one of about two dozen others you like better.


It wouldn’t be a Jillian Michaels program if it didn’t include exercise, and this plan covers every fitness level from total couch potato to athlete. You’ll receive a series of exercises to do each day, and may choose two days off every week. Very little specialized equipment is needed. Those items that are required, such as dumbbells and exercise balls, can be changed to other common household items if needed. The exercises are challenging but doable for all fitness levels and will get your heart rate into a good fat-burning level.


  • The plan is personalized for your fitness level and food preferences.
  • There is a lot of detail on the site, so you can find the answer to just about any question you may have
  • The diet and exercise plans are very clear and precise. Every menu item has a recipe included and every exercise has demonstration pages designed for beginners to learn from
  • The forums on the site are very informative and filled with friendly people willing to help out a beginner
  • The site includes a buddy system where you can find a weight-loss partner to check in with daily
  • You will get daily motivational and informational emails from Jillian Michaels


  • There isn’t a lot of hand-holding or coddling involved. Every detail you need is on the site, but the attitude is very no-nonsense and serious.
  • You may get overwhelmed at first with everything you need to learn to work the program successfully
  • The diet plan is based around basic foods you cook yourself. If you’re used to fast food or microwave meals, this will be a big change

Overall Rating

The Jillian Michaels program is a clear and logical plan that will work well if you stick with it. Everything you need to lose weight is in the system but you must be serious about it in order to be successful.

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