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The Eat Right For Your Type diet is based on your unique blood type. The developer of these weight loss programs is Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, who believes that every individual isn’t necessarily suited for the same type of diet. He believes that a person’s body and blood type are to be taken into consideration when deciding what type of diet to go on in order to be successful at losing weight. Each person’s blood type distinguishes each person’s physiology from other people’s physiology, and as such, your blood type detremines how your digestive and immune systems function. When a person consumes certain types of foods, a chemical reaction happens between the food and the person’s blood type.


The diet that you go on is determined by your blood type. A person’s blood type will determine how they will digest certain foods. Here is a general idea of how different blood types react with foods:

Type O – People with this blood type generally have a stable digestive and immune system, and are able to digest meats with their strong stomach acids;

Type A – These people are able to digest plant proteins and grains well;

Type B – This blood type is more balanced than Types O and A;

Type AB – This blood type has a combination of the pros and cons of both Types A and B.

The diet plan for each blood type will have a list of foods that are highly recommended and foods to avoid altogether. It will also list foods that are somewhat neutral. Foods recommended are most easily digested, and do wonders for the body. Foods that are to be avoided can sit on your stomach and cause negative reactions in the body.


Dr. D’Adamo has published a book that is very detailed and clearly lists all the exact foods in all three categories that people with a certain blood type should adhere to, and those that they should not consume. His book outlines a number of delicious recipes using the exact foods and ingrediants that each individual can prepare and enjoy.

Studies have shown that 90% of people who have tried this diet plan have enjoyed success in both weight loss and healthier living.


Although this diet is based on theories that makes good sense, there is no scientific evidence that has been conducted that has proven the medical soundness of such a diet plan. In addition, if a family has numerous blood types in the house, you may find it difficult to stock your fridge accordingly. Or else, the fridge will have to be filled with every kind of food found on the lists for each blood type.

The Bottom Line

This seems like a good diet to at least try out to see if the adherance and avoidance of certain foods really does have an affect on how you feel, and how well it helps with weight loss. The foods listed are all healthy, so there really is no harm in giving this diet a shot.

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