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the martha's vineyard detox diet review

The Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet was developed by Roni DeLuz, and is more of a cleanse than a diet for long term weight loss. The premise behind these weight loss plans is to cleanse the body of toxins, and to help promote clear skin, improve digestion, boost immunity, reduce cellulite and promote mental clarity. Any weight lost on this plan is simply a bonus. Many people have claimed to have have lost a pound per day while on this diet plan, since it is very restrictive and is made up mostly of liquid and pureed foods and juices.


Many dieters looking to lose weight are attracted to the possibility of losing so much weight in such a short period of time. Many dieters are able to lose 21 pounds in 21 days because of the major restrictions in foods and calories on this detox diet plan. This diet plan is made up mostly of liquids and pureed foods, such as vegetable juices, berry drinks, green beverages herbal teas and pureed vegetable soup.

The following foods are encouraged on this diet, which should be pureed or liquefied prior to consumption:

  • Kale
  • Cucumbers
  • Carrots
  • Garlic
  • Beans
  • Beets
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Green vegetables
  • Tomatoes
  • Squash

This is a very restrictive diet. Basically anything else not included on the above list should be avoided during this 21 day diet, including caffeine, alcohol and simple carbohydrates. Approximately 1000 calories per day is consumed on this diet plan.

Dieters are encouraged to take a multi-vitamin and digestive enzymes while on this detox plan in order to ensure proper nutrition and health while cleansing the body on this plan.

Once the 21 day cleanse is completed, dieters must slowly integrate and incorporate other foods previously restricted back into their diets. It is crucial that they don’t jump right into their previous eating habits all at once, or they risk gaining all the weight back almost immediately. Dieters are encouraged to start with protein powders, milk, yogurt and healthy fish before adding any other types of foods.


In order to help maintain muscle tissue during this cleanse, it is recommended to do a little bit of exercise, such as walking about a mile per day.


This cleanse can help give dieters a jump start to their weight loss goals, as it can dramatically shave off a few pounds right away. Losing so much weight so quickly can also provide some sort of incentive for dieters. A detox diet such as the Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet can also help dieters break their unhealthy eating habits.


A lot of the weight lost on this detox diet is not necessarily fat – there will be some amount of water and lean muscle tissue lost as well. There are many essential nutrients and vitamins that are not included on this diet, which can have some impact on the overall well being of the dieter. Consuming all liquids can be quite taxing and boring for most people, and can make social dining almost impossible.

The Bottom Line

This diet is meant to be done for a short period of time. It is not recommended to continue a cleanse like this for more than 3 or 4 weeks. It can be a great way to rid the body of toxins, and get a jump start on weight loss. However, it may not be a diet that would be easy to follow for many.

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