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The Truth about Abs is a popular e-book that was created by Mike Geary, certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist as well as the founder of the website, BusyManFitness.com.

The program is both a diet and fitness plan that can be used by men and women alike as a way to lose weight, trim down their middle and reset their metabolism. Rather than focusing solely on abdominal exercises, The Truth About Abs instead focuses on full-body training as well as strategic exercise combinations and sequencing that increases metabolic rate and stimulates a fat-burning hormonal response in your body.

Included in the plan is also a complete section on nutritional strategies and a comprehensive dietary plan that allows you to eat real food so that you can take this program and use it as a long-term plan for getting and staying lean for life.


The Truth about Abs contains a complete nutrition plan that includes 84 meal ideas, which are intended to help you burn fat as well as tricks and tips to stoke your metabolism so that weight loss becomes efficient and timely.

The Truth about Abs is a low glycemic index diet that is different from most low-fat and low calorie diets. Rather than eating egg white omelets, fat-free muffins and baked tortilla chips, you will be eating full-fat foods like eggs (yolk included), full-fat dairy including cheese, whole milk and whole-milk yogurt as well as meat and healthy fats in the form of nuts, seeds and avocadoes. Since these foods are high in fat, portion control is key but since fat increases satiety as well as creates a more efficient metabolism, you are likely to feel more satisfied, which will in turn help you monitor how much you eat.

Low starch veggies like lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and some fruit like raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are allowed.

Foods to be avoided are sugars, refined flours and other foods that register high on the glycemic index scale, which can send blood sugar levels soaring and can facilitate fat storage.

You do not need to purchase any special supplements or diet foods while following this program. It can also be modified for vegetarians.


Rather than having you perform a series of workouts that target your abs, The Truth About Abs instead emphasizes whole-body workouts that burn calories, as well body strengthening exercises.

Cardiovascular exercise is a main component of the Truth About Abs exercise plan. The plan recommends engaging in interval cycle training in which you will cycle in and out of low intensity to high intensity cardio exercise every few minutes. Interval-based fitness improves cardiovascular capacity while also revving up metabolism.

The body strengthening exercises focus on variability as well as consistency so your muscles are constantly challenged.

The full body workouts within the Truth about Six Pack Abs Program generally take between 30-50 minutes a day to perform. It is recommended that you do them three to four days each week. You are encouraged to invest in pair of PowerBlock Dumbells, a stability ball and a medicine ball in order to complete all the exercises in the plan.


  • Weight loss can occur if the plan is followed correctly
  • Does not require that dieter purchase any special diet foods or supplements
  • Downloadable format can be immediately accessed
  • Low glycemic diet plan is nutritious and satisfying


  • You must purchase the entire e-book plan in order to learn about the specifics of the program
  • Purchase of the PowerBlock Dumbell set can range from $180 to $700
  • Strong selling tone of the website devalues the authenticity of the product

Overall Rating

The Truth About Abs is one of the most successful Internet diet ebooks. Its popularity is due to its ability to provide you with the results you are seeking as long as you put in the effort and adhere to the outlined plan.

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