Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss


The idea that weight loss can be achieved using a magic pill is still very popular amongst many people. The latest hype for fat burning pills is the B12 vitamins.

Many people are claiming that vitamin B12 patches are just as effective as Vitamin B12 injections.

Vitamin B12 injections have been supported by certain famous weight loss programs offered at weight loss and health clinics like Dr. Bernstein Diet along with many others.

Certain weight loss clinics where vitamin B12 injections are used may refer to this treatment as “lipo-injections” and “fat loss injections”. It is recommended to always ask the clinic what is the content within the injection and then consulting with your doctor before proceeding.

Considering the issue that there is no magic pill to weight loss, the real question becomes whether B-12 vitamin can be utilized as a fat burner?

Are the claims about vitamin B12 and weight loss true?

What is B12?

Also known as cobalamin, B12 is one of the eight B-complex vitamins. Vitamin B12 is known for boosting energy and increasing the body’s metabolism. B-complex vitamins gain their importance due to the fact that they are essential for maintaining a healthy central nervous system, liver, skin, hair and eyes.(1)

B-complex vitamins are considered important as they are helpful in maintaining a healthy central nervous system, liver, skin, hair and eyes.(1)

B12 vitamin is recognized for increasing energy by converting carbohydrates into glucose for fuel.(1)

Not having a sufficient amount of B12 can lead to a range of symptoms such as fatigue, nervousness, and shortness of breath. However, a severe deficiency in B12 can also cause nerve damage.(1)

B12 vitamin is naturally found in animal foods such as:

  • Eggs
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Dairy Products

What is B12 Vitamin used for?

B-12 vitamins can be taken in different forms such as chewable tablets, liquid drops, lozenges, patches, and injections.

Doctors prescribe B12 vitamin for individuals suffering from pernicious anemia, a condition under which intrinsic factor is not produced by the stomach in order to help absorb B12 from foods.

Research over the years has supported the use of B-complex vitamins to help reduce the risks of heart disease and strokes, as it lowers the levels of unhealthy cholesterol, and protects against macular degeneration.(1)

Is B12 Safe?

It is unlikely that a large amount of B12 vitamin can be harmful, on the contrary, not enough of B12 vitamin can lead to health problems. It is always best and safe to consult with your doctor before making any changes, as B12 can also counteract with other medications.

Five Major Health Benefits of B12 vitamin

  1. Decreases fatigue by converting carbohydrates into glucose for energy
  2. Reduces stress and depression by regulating the nervous systems
  3. Maintains a healthy digestive system
  4. Protects against cancer
  5. Prevents Memory Loss

Does Vitamin B12 Really Help in Weight Loss?

Although there is no hard evidence supporting the association between B12 and weight loss, there may be other reasons to why it has become so popular in many weight loss programs

B12 supplements may not be considered fat burning pills, however, B12 supplements may help weight loss because of their following benefits:

  • Improving digestive system
    • Poor digestive system has been linked to weight gain
  • Enhancing metabolism
    • Poor metabolism slows down weight loss
  • Converts food into fuel
    • Energy is important for the body to be functional, which can be useful during physical activity
  • Boosts energy:
    • Deficiency in B12 can lead to low energy levels, which can result to binging and a non-active lifestyle. Ultimately, this will lead to weight gain

Bottom Line – Does it Really Work?


Unfortunately, there is no current data supporting the claim of vitamin B12 causing weight loss. Even though vitamin B-12 is not a fat burner, it may be a helpful supplement to incorporate into the diet to help optimize weight loss results along with exercise and good nutrition.

B12 vitamin can probably assist in the process of losing weight by providing more energy, boosting the metabolism, and improving the digestive system.

It would be wise to avoid quick fixes and the search for the “magic pill” to weight loss.

The focus should not be on weight loss, instead, it should be on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps a full medical check up would be a good start, a deficiency in certain areas and health problems can lead to weight gain.(1)

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