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What is the 17 Day Diet?

The 17 Day diet is a program developed by a California doctor by the name of Dr. Mike Moreno. His program was initially developed for people to lose weight or prevent weight gain over the holidays. However, due to the notoriety that these weight loss plans have been getting thanks to Dr. Moreno’s appearances on TV shows like Dr. Phil and The Doctors, this diet has become quite popular and is being used by people at all times of the year for quick weight loss.   Dr. Moreno believes that the 17 Day diet can help dieters lose as much as 12 pounds during one 17 day cycle. He also believes that such rapid weight loss in such a short period of time can have benefits both short and long term.

How the 17 Day Diet Works

The premise behind the 17 Day diet is to confuse your metabolism by eating differently at each cycle. The major food group that is altered in each cycle is carbohydrates. For example, in one particular cycle, carb intake will be very limited, while on another cycle you can choose from quite a few carb-rich foods. By alternating your eating style every so often, your body’s metabolism will continue to work well in order to burn the different types of calories that are being consumed.

There are 4 cycles involved in the 17 Day diet:

1) Accelerate Cycle – This phase is appropriately named since it jump starts your weight loss. In this phase, dieters will dramatically reduce carbohydrate intake in order to speed up fat burning.

2) Activate Cycle – Carbohydrate cycling is involved in this phase in order to confuse and speed up the metabolism and further promote fat burning.

3) Achieve Cycle – This phase is a little easier to follow since many of the carbohydrates that were prohibited in the first couple of phase are re-introduced into this phase. Healthy eating habits are learned during the Achieve phase.

4) Arrive Cycle – This is the final phase of the diet, and involves maintaining the goal weight by choosing healthy foods, while enjoying some of your favourite foods occasionally.

Foods To Include

Healthy food choices are emphasized on this diet. Some of the recommended foods to include in the diet are:

  • Lean poultry
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Yogurt
  • Berries
  • Lettuce
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus

Foods To Avoid

Any foods that are high in saturated fat, hydrogenated oil and refined sugar is to be avoided for the most part.


In addition to the cycles on the 17 Day diet plan, exercise is also emphasized. It is recommended that a 17 minute workout should be done 6 days per week in order to help burn fat and calories, build lean muscle tissue, speed up the weight loss process, and conquer weight loss plateaus.

The Bottom Line

This is a great diet to help shed pounds in a rather quick manner. The first couple of phases are very restrictive, and can be difficult to stick with. However, it is a good method to lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins at the same time.

To start on the 17 day diet plan immediately, purchase a copy of the book today.

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