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body rx diet plan review

The Body Rx diet plan is a weight loss program that was developed by Dr. A. Scott Connelly, who also developed the Met-RX diet supplements which are known worldwide as being of high quality. The Body Rx program incorporates both diet and exercise in order to achieve weight loss at a rather quick rate.

Dieters on this program eat very little carbohydrates in order to induce a process called “ketosis” where the body begins to utilize fat stores within the body in order to be used as energy, rather than burning consumed carbs for energy. The exercise portion of this program involves mainly weight training, as opposed to mainly aerobics like most other weight loss plans.


There is actually no calorie counting involved on the Body Rx diet plan. The main factors involved with the diet include:

  • Severely limiting carb intake;
  • Increasing lean protein intake;
  • Increasing fiber intake;
  • Eating smaller meals and smaller portions.

Rather than eating the typical 3 meals per day, the Body Rx program encourages dieters to eat 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day, spaced out about 2 or 3 hours apart. By eating more frequently, the metabolism is constantly working, which will keep the metabolic rate up. Going too long without eating can actually slow dow the metabolism. In addition, eating smaller, more frequent meals can keep energy levels up throughout the day as well.

This diet plan is broken up into four 6-week cycles:

Cycle 1 – The protein portion of the diet is based on one gram of protein per pound of body weight. The carbohydrate portion is based on 2 grams per pound of weight.

Cycle 2 – Protein is increased in this cycle by 1/4 of a gram per pound, and carbs are decreased by 1 gram per pound.

Cycle 3 – Protein amounts are raised again by another 1/4 gram per pound, and carbs are decreased by another 1/2 gram per pound.

Cycle 4 – This final cycle actually reduces the protein amounts by 1/4 of a gram per pound, and the carbs are increased to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight.


The main type of exercise involved with the Body Rx program is weight training. This portion is also broken down into 4 cycles. The first cycle is all about building strength, the 2nd cycle is about developing speed, the 3rd cycle is about burning fat, and the final cycle involves maintenance.

The Bottom Line – Does It Work?

This program is great for those who do not want to give up some of their beloved foods, and who are not fans of counting calories. You can basically eat what you like, as long as it follows the portion rules and the protein/carb intake ratio. The diet plan is very healthy, and will definitely induce weight loss if adhered to.

The weight training program is great for building lean muscle mass, boosting the metabolism, and transforming the body into a strong, lean physique. Overall, this is a great program for anyone wanting to lose fat and build lean muscle tissue.

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