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healthy diets for weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight then you have probably come across many different diets. There are many weight loss programs out there that promise you quick results, but in reality they are usually little more than a fad, and can also be very unhealthy, and even downright dangerous. When deciding which plan to follow, it is very important that you look at healthy diets for weight loss, so that you know your health is not going to be affected.

There are so many different books and authors out there, that it is very easy to become confused and frustrated in your quest. In this article, you will find certain things that you should look for in order to guarantee you follow a healthy diet for weight loss.

Healthy diets for weight loss – Common traits

The food selection is extremely important! Any diet should offer a wide variety of healthy and natural foods, that supplies your body with all the vitamins and minerals it requires. Things like the Grapefruit Diet does not meet this criteria, as although you might lose weight following such a program, it will not be good for your body.

Healthy diets for weight loss will also not contain things such as slimming bars and weight loss pills. These type of gimmicks are nothing more than processed rubbish and will do more harm than good. If in doubt, you should only buy foods that are in their natural form and do not contain much packaging.

Everything in moderation

Beware of diets that say you should eat one particular food morning, noon and night. Variety is the key to any diet, so eating just vegetables and fruit all of the time is the quickest way to failure. Healthy diets for weight loss make it a point to explore a whole range of healthy foods, including things such as lean meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, egg whites and extra virgin olive oil.

Don’t believe the hype!

If you take a walk around any supermarket then you will see lot’s of different products claiming to be healthy and reduced in fat. The fact of the matter is that these packaged foods are mostly misleading, and although they might very well be reduced in fat, they add other harmful ingredients. A lot of the time their claims are simply a case of false advertising designed to trick you.


Healthy diets for weight loss always have one thing in common…they must be accompanied by regular exercise if you want to see results. The best kind of exercise you can do is interval training, as it is very intense which burns fat quicker, and it doesn’t take up much of your time.

Get on an exercise bike and once you are warmed up start going really fast for a certain amount of time, and then slow down for a bit before repeating the process. This will tire you out quite quickly at first, but keep doing as part of a healthy diet for weight loss, and pretty soon you will be dropping the pounds off easily.

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