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lemonade diet review

The Lemonade weight loss diet – or Master Cleanser diet – has been around for decades. It was actually developed back in the 1940’s by Stanley Burroughs as a lemonade diet. Celebrities everywhere including Beyonce have tried the Master Cleanser diet with quick success. People like her used a more current version of this diet which was re-published in the mid-1970’s that outlined the exact diet and routine.

Rapid Weight Loss

The lemonade weight loss diet or Master Cleanser diet weight loss plans was meant for more of a detox, with weight loss as a side effect. This type of diet – or cleanse – is meant to be done for a short period of time, as it does not have all the vitamins and nutrients required to sustain proper bodily functions for a long period of time.

Some fat loss will occur, but a lot of weight loss will come in the form of fluid and water retention. The main goal of this diet is to rid the body of toxins and “cleanse” it. The benefit here is that a lot of weight can be lost in a very short period of time, which can be very rewarding and satisfying. However, part of the diet routine involves following a maintenance plan in the days after you have gone off the lemonade weight loss diet. If this is not followed properly, you can gain most – if not all – the weight back.

Benefits of the Master Cleanse Diet

This lemonade weight loss diet – or ‘lemonade diet’ – works really well, but it is quite tough to stick to. The first few days especially are quite challenging to stick to the diet, mainly because there really is no solid food allowed. Since it is strictly liquids you will be consuming, not eating any solids may prove difficult. If you can muster up a little bit of willpower for a couple of weeks, you will not only lose a great deal of weight, but you will find plenty of health benefits as well.

Here are some health benefits that you can expect from this cleanse:

  • Elimination of harmful toxins that have built up in your body
  • Elimination of waste in your muscles and joints
  • Cleansing of your kidneys
  • Improvement in your digestive system
  • Purification of your glands and cells
  • Relief of pressure and irritation in your arteries, blood vessels and nerves

All of these benefits are wonderful – not to mention a smaller waistline and better fitting clothes!

Sample Menu on the Master Cleanser

The following is a sample of a variation of the lemonade weight loss diet:

  • 60 oz water a day
  • 12 tablespoons of maple syrup a day (2 tablespoons per glass)
  • 12 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (2 tablespoons per glass)
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (1/10 teaspoon per glass)

This liquid is consumed all day long. In addition, other ‘foods’ that can be consumed include a laxative tea to help with preventing constipation.   You can stay on this lemonade weight loss diet for 4 or 5 days, up to 2 weeks.

After the Cleanse is Over

It is absolutely essential that you ease back into your regular eating habits. Adding solid foods needs to be done slowly, and one at a time. It is advised to start off eating liquid foods, such as soups. Consuming fruits and vegetables can then be added after the second day of coming off the cleanse. Then you can slowly add other foods into your diet. Make sure that you add only a few extra calories per day, rather than going into a full-fledged 2000 calorie per day diet.

The Master Cleanse works, but you have to do it properly, and come off it properly as well, in order to reap the benefits.

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