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4 day diet plan

The 4 day diet plan for losing weight involves a 4-day meal plan that is alternated and changed every 4 days. This is done with 7 intervals, where the eating plan and exercise routine is changed up. When searching for diets that work, this is one to try.

The premise behind this diet for losing weight is to change the mind set of the dieter so that they develop healthier eating habits once the program is complete. This plan was developed by Dr. Ian Smith who believes that 80% of dieting is mental and 20% is physical. By changing the eating plan every 4 days, dieters are not susceptible to getting bored of the diet plan, which helps lead to weight loss.

How The Diet Works

There are 7 steps involved in this program. These include the following:

1) Induction Stage – This step involves cleansing and detoxing your body, and is quite restrictive;

2) Transition Stage – During this phase, all the food groups are re-introduced to the dieter’s system;

3) Protein Stretch Stage – In order to avoid the ‘plateau’ effect, this stage helps you set your goals and focus on them;

4) Smooth Stage – This phase allows the dieter to have a few foods on the ‘forbidden’ list in order to cheat a little and reduce cravings;

5) Push Stage – This phase is quite strict, and requires some perseverance;

6) Pace Stage – Dieters are able to take it easy a little during this phase to give themselves a bit of a break;

7) Vigorous Stage – Those last few pounds are lost during this final phase.

Dr. Ian Smith’s strategy with this diet for losing weight is to teach participants the power of their minds, and therefore create a sense of control. The mind of the dieter is trained to believe that healthy foods are good for developing optimal health. The immediate satisfaction of eating bad foods to satisfy cravings is taught to participants of this program to be much less satisfying then eating healthy foods.

There are quite a few different types of foods that can be eaten on this diet for losing weight, so it is not necessarily incredibly restrictive during the entire 7 phases. This plan allows the consumption of low-sugar foods to satisfy cravings that may otherwise throw the dieter off track.


In addition to the meal plan, exercise is also a vital component to this program. Just about every day of the week is supposed to involve exercise. Generally, this is a combination of both aerobic exercise and weight training, usually done for at least 30 minutes per day.

How to Make This Diet Work

In order to ensure success on this diet for losing weight, you need to be mentally strong during this program. It requires a great deal of mind control, which is essentially what this diet is about. Sticking through this 7 phase program will ensure significant weight loss if done properly.

This is not necessarily a lifestyle change diet, but it is meant to get the weight off, and get the dieter started on healthier living.

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