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the mediterranean diet plan

The Mediterranean diet is a great option for those who enjoy Mediterranean food, who like to cook, and are looking to make a lifestyle change in addition to shedding a few pounds. The Mediterranean is a stretch of land in Europe, where fresh ingredients are infused with delicious flavor, and used in a wide array of wonderful dishes. People who live in this area thoroughly enjoy their food, and rarely restrict themselves of any particular food, yet they are thin, healthy, and have a very low rate of chronic disease. The key with the way these people is that they choose healthy ingredients when preparing their meals, and they do not over indulge. Although there are very few restrictions with these weight loss plans, it is important to moderate what ingredients are used in dishes, and how much is eaten with each portion.

The Mediterranean Diet – Overview of These Weight Loss Plans

These weight loss plans mimics the way habitants of the Mediterranean area in Europe eat. Their meals are highly social, and are rich in flavor. Yet, they are low in cholesterol and trans-fats. This particular diet includes a great deal of plant proteins for a large part of the diet’s nourishment. One of the great things about this diet is that bread – usually in the form of pita bread – is also a major part of this diet. There is no cutting out of carbs with this diet, which is important for maintaining energy levels.

Foods Eaten on the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean way of eating involves lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pasta, beans, nuts, rice and seeds. Animal proteins can be eaten, but are not a major part of this diet, and should be consumed in limited amounts. Dairy products are also consumed in limited amounts. Olive oil is an essential part of this lifestyle, as it is a healthy ingredient to flavor foods and consume healthy fats.

Foods Restricted on the Mediterranean Diet

These weight loss plans involve more of a lifestyle change than a ‘diet’ per se. There really are very few limitations with this plan. However, foods that are high in refined sugar, trans-fats, and foods that are highly processed are generally frowned upon. The Mediterranean way of eating involves consuming fresh ingredients that are flavored with healthy spices and oils.

How To Eat on This Diet

Unlike the North American lifestyle where large portions are consumed on a regular basis, Mediterraneans eat smaller portions, and eat it much more slowly. They thoroughly enjoy every bite of their meal, and savor the flavors. Everything is eaten in moderation, and nothing is severely cut out of the diet, which won’t leave you with unbearable cravings.

Instead of making a drastic lifestyle change with a restrictive diet, the Mediterranean plan teaches people how to choose healthy ingredients to prepare tasty meals that will leave them feeling satisfied.   Participants in these weight loss plans can be very successful in their weight loss goals and lifestyle changes if they make small changes and pace themselves. This plan helps dieters gradually change their food choices and daily intake of food so that their bodies adjust well to the adjustments. These weight loss plans are much easier to maintain, and are much healthier than traditional ‘fad’ diets.

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