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The No Grain Diet plan was coined by the well renowned Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has been behind a variety of health and fitness related studies. He believes that cutting back on refined sugars and carbohydrates will allow a person to lose weight and live a healthier life. He questions and debates the idea of the modern diet being based on the food pyramid, which lists carbohydrates and grains as the most abundant type of food that should be consumed on a daily basis. He believes that excessive amounts of carbs and grains eaten will spike blood sugar levels, and therefore force a high amount of insulin to kick in. By constantly spiking insulin levels, people will be constantly hungry and craving more carbs. For this reason, Dr. Mercola coined the phrase “grain addiction”. This vicious cycle of craving and eating carbs causes obesity, in addition to conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies, and in some cases, cancer. Weight loss programs that cut back on carbohydrates will drastically improve one’s overall health.


There are three distinct phases with the No Grain diet:

Phase 1 – The “Start-Up Phase” – This is a 3 day phase that forces the dieter to eliminate all carbs from the diet. This includes any breads, pasta, rice, potatoes, and even fruits and starchy vegetables. Dieters are encouraged to eat at least every 2 hours.

Phase 2 – the “Stabilize Phase” – This phase lasts as long as it takes to lose all the weight needed. In addition to cutting out carbs, you are also encouraged to structure your meal plan to eat 3 meals per day, as well as 3 snacks per day, spaced out evenly. Dieters are encouraged to exercise at least 5 times a week, which should include aerobic exercises as well as strength training routines.

Phase 3 – The “Sustain Phase” – Once you have lost all the necessary weight, you are supposed to slowly re-introduce carbs back into the diet. However, it is recommended that certain types of carbs – such as those with refined sugars and high starch content – be avoided even after the weight is lost.


Due to the elimination of carbs altogether, you can expect to lose weight quite rapidly. This is an aspect of any diet that many dieters can get excited about. In addition to addressing weight issues, this diet also helps people develop a healthier lifestyle and healthier eating habits. Psychological issues are also dealt with that may be responsible for emotional overeating.


Many people might have a hard time giving up their beloved carbs, especially those who have a tendency to show signs of carb addiction. Also, this diet may get a little expensive considering all the organic produce that is recommended. It will also take some time to prepare all the necessary meals and snacks that avoid carbs.

The Bottom Line

This diet can be quite restrictive and tough to stick with, but the results are amazing if the diet plan is adhered to. In addition, other health issues can be alleviated along with the weight loss. This diet is highly recommended for anyone who needs to lose weight and improve their well being.

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