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the rosedale diet review

The Rosedale Diet is one of those weight loss programs that helps to regulate hormones in order to help a person achieve their ideal weight. There are some similarities between this diet plan and others, such as Atkins or the South Beach diet, but the effects of the Rosedale Diet can be even greater.

Carol Colman, who authored the book about the Rosedale Diet, determined that regulating the hormone “leptin” can help dieters control their hunger and help them feel fuller. Doing so will help the dieter stay on track with their meal plans, and will reduce cravings and desires to overeat at mealtime. The eventual result is weight loss.


The Rosedale Diet emphasizes consuming healthy fats and oils, and limiting intake of proteins and carbohydrates. The types of fats that should be consumed are unsaturated fats and oils. Hydrogenated oils and trans fats are strictly forbidden. In addition, carbohydrates can only be eaten in fibrous forms, such as vegetables. Breads and grains are not to be eaten while on this diet due to their high starch carbohydrate content.

Not all fruits and vegetables are recommended on this diet. The following is a list of fruits and vegetables that are restricted:

  • Corn
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Grapes
  • Dried fruit
  • Cantaloupe & honeydew

The first phase of this diet involves 3 weeks of starchy carbohydrates eliminated from the diet. Once these 3 weeks are completed, certain carbohydrates are re-introduced into the diet, but in limited amounts. There is no calorie counting or carbohydrate measuring on the Rosedale Diet. Instead, you are supposed to stick to certain foods, and maintain portion control.


The Rosedale Diet will ultimately result in weight loss if it is adhered to. After the diet is completed, you will notice that you will not suffer from intense hunger pangs as you may have before. This diet plan is also great for those who suffer from high cholesterol or diabetes.


This diet can be rather tough to adhere to since it is quite restrictive. Some people may not be able to handle the elimination of almost all carbs. Self-discipline and hard work are necessary to be successful with this diet plan. There also seems to be an emphasis on dietary supplements, which really aren’t entirely necessary when a proper diet plan and fitness routine are followed.

There is no mention of an exercise program with this diet plan. For the most effective weight loss and development of lean body tissue, it is important to incorporate a healthy fitness routine along with any diet program. Combining exercise with diet is the best combination for effective weight loss and overall well-being.

The Bottom Line

The Rosedale Diet is very effective in reducing hunger, increasing satiety, and losing weight. Due to the effects of this diet on the leptin hormone, dieters can drastically reduce their cravings and hunger pangs. This will make it much easier to lose weight. It is important to combine a diet like this with a safe fitness regimen to help develop lean muscle mass while shedding body fat.

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