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the suzanne somers diet review

Suzanne has long been known to for her great body as a result of her diet and fitness routines. Her publications have explained the way she is able to maintain a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle through her specific eating habits and exercise regimen. Her system actually became known as “Somersizing”, and involves a certain method to help your body burn fat by combining certain food types together.

Suzanne’s theory is that by eating specific foods together, they actually work together to efficiently burn body fat. Consuming the wrong kinds of foods at the same time can have a sugar-producing effect on the body. Her weight loss plans are effective if followed properly.


The Suzanne Somers Diet involves 2 phases that allow the dieter to consume about 1200 calories per day. During these phases, a low carb, high protein diet is encouraged, as well as consumption of fresh vegetables. Refined sugars are strictly prohibited.

Phase 1 – This initial phase involves the actual weight loss that the dieter strives to lose. During this phase, about 1200 calories is consumed per day, and the dieter is encouraged to follow Suzanne’s “Super 7 Rules”. These include:

1) Refined sugars and foods that are digested as sugar are eliminated

2) Proteins and vegetables are eaten together

3) Whole grains and vegetables are eaten together

4) Carbohydrates are not to be consumed together with fats or proteins

5) Skipping meals is not allowed

6) Fresh fruits are to be eaten on an empty stomach, before meals

7) There should be a 3 hour gap between a carbohydrate/vegetable meal and a protein/vegetable meal

Phase 2 – This is the maintenance phase, and allows more freedom with food choices, as long as the Super 7 rules are adhered to.


The Suzanne Somers Diet encourages dieters to exercise about half an hour every day while trying to lose weight. There are many different exercises that can be incorporated into a weight loss plan. As long as the intensity and duration are optimal, then just about any activity will do. An exercise routine is essential for any weight loss program in order to strengthen the body, build lean muscle tissue, and overcome weight loss plateaus.


The Super 7 rules that Suzanne offers provide some flexibility for dieters. The program is rather inexpensive, and allows dieters to still enjoy their food while losing weight. The Suzanne Somers Diet includes recipes for dieters to follow for delicious, nutritious meals. This plan teaches people to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after the weight is lost.


The only possible negative aspect about this diet is that the food combination theory is not yet scientifically proven. The idea of combining only carbs and veggies, and protein and veggies, makes sense theoretically, but there have been no conclusive studies done on this theory as of yet.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Suzanne Somers Diet will help people lose weight if they stick to the low carb and healthy aspects of the plan. She incorporates healthy eating, exercise, no meal skipping, and management of these changes over the long run.

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