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The Thermogenic Weight Loss Diet to lose weight uses the premise of consuming foods with a high thermogenic content to help lose weight. It was developed by a woman named Cathi Graham who was successful at losing over 186 pounds on this diet that she developed herself. In addition to eating thermogenic foods on these weight loss programs, there is also a reduction in carbohydrates consumed.

What This Diet Is About

Thermogenic foods are those that increase the body’s metabolic rate and energy level, as well as reduce appetite. By combining the effects of an increase in the consumption in thermogenic foods with the reduction in carbohydrates, weight loss is achieved quite quickly and easily. It is a great recipe for healthy weight loss at a quick pace.

Depending on how much willpower you have, or how desperate you are to lose weight quickly, you can choose from two different options on this diet to lose weight. For those who want to see a much quicker drop in weight, there is the “Carb Cleanout Plan” which severely restricts carbohydrate consumption. For those who are not that keen on giving up all their carbs, there is also the “Glycemic Plan” which allows low glycemic carbs in moderation.

Most people who go on this diet will be happy to learn that a small dessert is permitted on a daily basis while on the thermogenic weight loss diet to lose weight. However, alcohol is strictly prohibited during the first few weeks on this diet. This plan was developed mainly for weight loss, but also for healthy eating in order to improve digestive health as well by promoting the use of digestive enzyme supplements.

How to Eat on This Diet

The thermogenic weight loss plan promotes consuming three meals a day, as well as three snacks. Eating smaller, more frequent meals helps to reduce hunger by feeding the body on a regular basis throughout the day. In addition, eating frequently helps to increase one’s metabolic rate by constantly keeping it working to break down the healthy foods that are being consumed.

Each meal includes a low glycemic carbohydrate, a lean protein and a thermogenic food. Snacks include a low glycemic food and a thermogenic food as well. Exercise is encouraged while on this diet. Ideally, about 30 minutes of aerobic activity performed 5-6 days per week would be best, as well as 20 minutes of weight training 3 times per week. Exercising will also help to boost metabolism and maintain muscle mass while on this diet to lose weight.

Foods allowed on this diet to lose weight include eggs, nuts, seeds, cheese and lean proteins. The thermogenic foods encouraged on this meal plan include parsley, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, chili, garlic and turmeric.

Why This Weight Loss Plan Works

Many people who go on a diet fail because they are either too hungry, bored of the routine, or simply cannot maintain the restrictions. With this diet, you won’t go hungry since you are eating quite frequently.

The thermogenic weight loss diet to lose weight is not just a temporary weight loss plan to drop a few pounds – it’s more than that. Of course, losing weight is usually the main goal, but it really is about making a lifestyle change and learning how to eat properly for life. By doing so, the weight lost on this diet will be kept off indefinitely.

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